"I heard that they had beautiful diamonds from their radio ads. I wanted to see it for myself though. WOW, I was blown away! They truly do have prettier diamonds! They just seem to sparkle more and are prettier than other stores. They offered to let me look under the microscope but I didn't, just the fact that they were confident enough to let me look was enough for me. Really friendly staff too."


"Great service and always fun to deal with. We bought our wedding rings at Kokkelers over 30 years ago and they've been our jeweler of choice ever since!"


"Entire staff was wonderful. They created a custom pendant for us that turned out beautifully! Very satisfied and would recommend this business to everyone. Will definitely do business with them again."


"Very nice people, more than willing to help people out, even work with them on timed payments. Super nice, accommodating, professional, I would definitely recommend this business!!"


"I love this place. The folks working in there are dedicated to honesty, excellent service, and excellence and quality in general. I just can't even begin to sing praises enough to them, so this 5 star review will have to be enough, along with some very high quality purchases. Speaking of 5 star reviews, they deserve 8 stars, no lie. They're just that good. I'm pumped to not only buy an engagement ring from them, but to also get some other beautiful jewelry also. Thanks ladies!!"


"Thank you Kokkeler's for helping me design and create several pieces of custom jewelry. I always have fun working with you. The Kokkeler's team really takes customer service to the next level!!!"