About Kokkeler's Jewelry

The Kokkeler's Story

In 1954, during their first year of marriage, Bev and Clem Kokkeler bought a watch repair bench so Clem could repair watches in their tiny attic apartment. One year later they purchased Kleckner's Jewelry in downtown Bismarck and their journey as jeweler's began.

The Kokkeler's put their life into the little shop; living in the back room with their daughter Bonnie for the first six years in order to make the store work. Now after over 60 years in business and still located in the same great spot, Kokkeler's Jewelry continues to provide stunning jewelry and renowned customer service.

Thank you to all our customers - past and present. For all the weddings our jewelry has attended, the anniversaries and proposals our jewelry helped make memorable, and all the little boxes opened on those special those special days.

The Kokkeler's Jewelry Team

manager/sales professional

  • Accredited Jewelry Professional
  • Gemological Institute of America, Diamond and Colored Stone Graduate
  • with Kokkeler's since 1979


  • talented artist with experience since 1997.
  • GemVision, 3D CAD / Jewelry Design training

designer/sales professional

  • Gemological Institute of America, Diamond and Colored Stone Essential Graduate
  • GemVision, 3D CAD / Jewelry Design expert
  • Diamond Certified (with honors) by DCA (Diamond Council of America)
  • with Kokkeler's since 2011

sales professional

  • Social Media Ambassador
  • Customer Service Specialist
  • with Kokkeler's since 2015