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What's the most important factor in the perfect diamond? If you're looking for an Ideal cut diamond that will illuminate any jewelry piece, turn to Kokkeler's Jewelry in Bismarck, ND. The sparkle of an Ideal cut diamond is unmatched. Take your sweetheart's breath away with a Kokkeler's Ideal cut diamond.

Not sure if an Ideal cut is right for your piece? Call 701-223-2872 to speak to a consultant who can advise you.

Why are Ideal cut diamonds the best?

You don't have to be a professional to know that a diamond is beautiful. But what makes Ideal cut diamonds truly stand out as the best diamond choice? Here are a few ways they shine:

  • They are proportioned to refract light for maximum brilliance
  • They are very rare and only come in round

Our talented team in Bismarck, ND would love to work with you to craft a stunning, perfect ring. Make it even more perfect by choosing an Ideal cut diamond. Visit our store today to see our dazzling selection.